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E.L. Lyons

I’m a Christian, I have a few feline cowriters, and I love to read. This is not my day job.

E.L. Lyons is the author of Starlight Jewel. Her first published novel and the first entry in the Gifts of the Auldtree series.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Regent University. She’s worked as a pool manager, beauty department manager, relief counselor at a youth shelter and as a live-in caregiver. She hopes to finish her next novel from a loft overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Ask the Author

I’ve been daydreaming of fantasy stories for as long as I can remember. My earliest imagining was a story about talking alligators that lived in abandon houses. Dysgraphia stopped me from putting pen to paper well for some years, but in elementary school I started to dabble with notebooks full of illegible stories about fae creatures. When Mass Effect came out and I fell in love with Garrus Vakarian, I started to dabble in sci-fi too. I was a closet writer until 2021, when at the ripe age of 30 I decided to get help after finally completing a first draft.

LoTR, Dune, C.S. Lewis, and Grimm’s fairytales are my main influences. The Grimms don’t fit right? Something drew me to the dark but simple nature of the stories. The mix of fantasy and reality. The ability to impart large themes in concise stories. But they never felt like quite enough compared to the epic high fantasy adventures.

Those are my childhood influences though. These days I read mostly high fantasy trilogies by the big names when I’m not beta reading. McClellan, Wexler, Weeks, O.S. Card, Sanderson, and Anthony Ryan among others.

Yes! It’s a trilogy in the making anyway. Book one, Starlight Jewel, is complete, book two is outlined and started, and book three is outlined. 

I decided on a trilogy because I don’t think I could tie all my threads together in less than three books. Book two will primarily take place in Remorra with some new villains and some that started brewing in book one.

I also have other books in mind for the same world with different characters.

I believe in Pavloving myself with music. It helps me to get into the story when I have a routine. My brain hears “Gifts of the Auldtree Playlist” and I’m back in the world in seconds. Pavloving isn’t instant, but it’s effective. In addition, a lot of my characters grew from the song lyrics and moods of the playlist. 

Absolutely. The best way, in my humble opinion, to figure out if your writing sounds bad or not, is to read aloud to an audience. Even if that audience is cats, you can find yourself embarrassed at how bad or cringey a line is. 

In addition, it’s good to talk your ideas over with someone. Humans have a lot less tolerance for my rambling than cats do. 

Finally, since the hybrids in Starlight Jewel have enhanced senses and physical abilities, the cats provided excellent study subjects. A special thanks to Mr. Scout for diligently smell testing and giving opinions on all manner of things from vinegar and cayenne to sweaty feet. 

Writing Philosophies


From small seeds grow worlds of roots

Pants or Plot

Sometimes my plants grow out of their pots


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