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Bad Knack

a Kindle Vella Production

Bad Knack

Magic carpets are spectacular creatures; however, they’re very easy to offend and very hard to disembark once boarded. Tammy Lynn held on for dear life, the tranquilizer gun in her mouth, a coiled rope on one shoulder, and a 12 gauge on the other. The carpet took her on a nauseating, spiraling joyride toward who-knew-where. Tammy closed her eyes. All she’d wanted to do was prove to Meemaw that she had what it took to open her own restaurant. How the cursed feathers had she mucked it up so bad? 

What is it?

A short story episodic adventure set in a fantastical universe with Appalachian charm. Currently being released in Kindle Vella where users can read the first episode for free along with the next two when they are released.

Who’s it for?

Adults and young adults, while some episodes are appropriate enough for children, some… are not. I’ve let my sense of humor go wild in this one, said the jokes that I usually don’t say aloud and utilized my Appalachian knack for metaphor and innuendo. The humor is on the dry side.


Bad Knack is available on Kindle Vella only. The goal is to release one episode a month. Kindle Vella is a bit limiting as it’s not available to those outside the US. Once there are enough episodes, I plan on publishing them together, making it available to a wider audience.