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Write and Release

Starlight Jewel has been released into the wild—and there are sightings all over! Seeing my bookchild out there in people’s hands this week has been such a rewarding experience. Every time I see a new photo, I get butterflies all over again! I am out of new ways to try and express my thanks and appreciation for those supporting my dream, and no words could capture how grateful I am regardless. But thank you. Thank you to everyone who has shared my book on social media, purchased my book, told their friends about my book, liked my book posts, given words of encouragement, and to those who have started reading.

I know she’s a hefty girl, and as a reader first, I know that it can be daunting to pick up a thick book and make that commitment when you don’t know what to expect—more still when the book is self-published. Trust me, I relate. I’ve taken chances on other indie authors and sometimes wondered if they really just tricked me into buying a first draft. There are gems and there are… others. You all have taken a chance on me, and I hope Starlight Jewel doesn’t disappoint you.

The most unexpected people have messaged me to say they’re buying the book, and it’s been quite shocking to see how many friends a recluse hermit like myself has. Quite frankly, I thought most people had forgotten I existed after these last five years of seclusion. In any case, look at these monumental first sightings of Starlight Jewel out in the wild!

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